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Micro-Influencers -



You’ve probably heard of influencers, an influencer is a relatable person that has a loyal following on their blog or social media outlets. They inspire others to follow them and more importantly, motivate them to take action.

However, you may not be familiar with the “micro-influencer”.  A “micro-influencer” is a real person with an affinity for a service, product, or brand but with a small yet loyal following on social media. Micro-influencers are able to disrupt advertising models and attract brands that want to find the latest way to reach new customers. When combined, micro-influencers can offer significant promotion and at no cost to the brand.

It’s possible to have a big brand reach out to micro-influencers, but they tend to reach out to several hundred at once, and rather than offer one large sum, they may offer free samples or giftcards. In some ways this method can exceed the expectation of a single, yet more popular influencer simply because a micro-influencer often has followers that are more directly related, invested, and loyal. Personal engagement lends more credibility in this case. For example, a popular youtuber has too many followers to give them individual attention, but a streamer with 20 viewers in a live stream, can acknowledge every viewer individually and address them on a more personal and friendly manner.

Brand loyalty from users often called “fan boys” cannot be underestimated. Unlike typical users, a fan-boy will defend and debate their position and support for the brand they enjoy on social media, blogs, forums, and chat apps like Discord.